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The Entrepreneurship Development Cell has taken the initiative, via this well-formed blog, to bring about awareness concerning the emerging enthusiasm regarding entrepreneurships and start-ups. While connecting with people worldwide, we aim at inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst students from diverse fields.

April 01, 2021


Around the globe, the transfer of state owned enterprises to the private owners has become a common economic policy tool. Also, the process in which a publicly-traded company is taken over by a few people is termed as Privatization. India went for privatization in the historic reforms budget of 1991, also known as 'New Economic Policy or LPG policy'.

Feb 05, 2021

Reasons For Downfall of Startups

In today's competitive world, a startup seems to be a pretty intriguing word but that’s not how it stands. Startups play a very vital role in a country's economy. India being a developing country creates a market for everything. This facilitates employment opportunities which leads to the perfect environment for any startup.

Reasons For Downfall of Startups
Jan 17, 2021

Post Covid Job Opportunities

The economic uncertainty of the pandemic has caused many workers to lose their jobs and exposed others for the first time to nonstandard work models. Many organizations responded to the pandemic's economic impact by reducing their contractor budgets, lesser in-house employees in addition to work from home implementation which has dynamically changed the working scenario.

Post Covid Job Opportunities
Nov 7, 2020

Blog Vs Podcast

This might be the most confusing question: “Should I write a blog or make a podcast?” when people step into the creative departments. These two are very popular and very different mediums to work on. Laning down their pros and cons and deciding which is the best medium to work on has always been a challenge to the ones working in the domain.

Blog Vs Podcast
Oct 7, 2020


Every other day a vivified piece of news comes to our ears. The past few decades have seen a variety of problems, but one problem still remains unchanged and unorganized. This news is about the rise in petroleum product rates and its consequences to the middle-class man along with the economy.

Oct 7, 2020

Space Exploration Startups

The technological advancements in the previous decades have left all the people in awe. From home automated systems to humanoid robots, the world is changing the traditional industries and replacing it with newer and modernized industries. With these changes, startups and businesses have also been trying to step up in their technologies.

Space Exploration Startups
Sept 30, 2020

Elon Musk- The Ultimate Ruling Entrepreneur

Elon Musk is the founder of two of the most revolutionary companies ever; Tesla Motors and SpaceX. People know him as an engineer, designer, philanthropist, and a technology entrepreneur, but very few people know the reason why he has become this dominant figure in the world of business and entrepreneurship.

Indian Obsession With Gold
Sept 25, 2020

Indian Obsession With Gold

Every Indian household is well aware of the great value associated with gold in the society. We Indians have this very strange fascination with gold and it isn’t something we picked up recently but it has been an integral part of almost all Indian traditions and festivals. The Hindu calendar in 2019 had a total of 21 auspicious weddings and the World Gold Council considered it a crucial factor that drove the demand globally.

Indian Obsession With Gold
Sept 15, 2020


The evolution of the barter system to a currency that could be exchanged for anything of its value has had a great physical significance globally. Now, we are moving to a digital revolution along with a financial revolution, hence digitization of the financial market along with the currency through UPI has resulted in a massive contribution to our country’s success.

Sept 8, 2020

Effects of GDP on the Current Economy

The world is changing with the increased rise of the pandemic. Every change comes up with its own disadvantages. Recently, the entire nation was at awe after witnessing a staggering 23.9% drop in the GDP counted for the last quarter.

Effect of GDP on the Current Economy
Sept 1, 2020

Masterstrokes of Mukesh Ambani

The pandemic has landed most of the countries in recession. Many big-equity firms and industrialists have lost a huge amount of money. Soon after Canada and Germany, even the United States declared that they entered the recession. But has our country fallen in the same traps?

E-learning- Boon or Bane?
July 20, 2020

E-learning- Boon or Bane?

This pandemic has witnessed a huge change in the learning sector. Almost every educational institution has turned towards E-learning. It is quite obvious that it will take time for some to actually get accustomed to this new trend. The students have to change their traditional methods of learning into online learning.

E-learning- Boon or Bane?
May 20, 2020


When differentiating the various methods to boost your company/startup in the post pandemic, one often diverts his attention to the various financial structures and statements made by the government and International laws.

May 13, 2020


“The four most dangerous words in investing are – This time it’s different”.
This is quite rightly quoted by Sir John Templeton and the basis of this quote is quite observable in the recent situation.

May 7, 2020


“Always build multiple sources of income, never rely on one.”
Robert Kiyosaki in his book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" mentioned how financial planning is the secret behind true success.

May 1, 2020


When you are setting up a business or a startup utmost consideration is given to factors like idea, market research and resources.

Crowd Funding
April 27, 2020


Majority of the people quarantined at home in India are in a dilemma as to which show to watch next or which video game to play now. And in this ordeal, we end up getting bored of the same routine, which could be in the order – eat, sleep, watch, play and repeat.

April 23, 2020


Whether it be on ground sports or esports people have always loved and enjoyed playing them. Today gaming is not only a mode of entertainment for most but has emerged into becoming a billion dollar industry!

April 19, 2020


Humans don't decide what to build by making choices from some cosmic catalog of options given in advance; instead, by creating new technologies we rewrite the plan of the world. A personality which comes to our mind having similar traits is Ritesh Agarwal.

April 15, 2020


The spread of the novel coronavirus has affected the entire sporting world. All the sports have come to a halt. The UEFA, Tokyo Olympics 2020 and many other yearly sporting events have either been postponed or cancelled.

How IPL got affected due to the global pandemic
April 13, 2020


The technological advancements that mankind has made in the last decade has proven to be very expansive! Some of those futuristic ideas we had are now part of our own reality.

April 5, 2020


The global pandemic has pushed the entire world into a total lockdown. The governments of the world have been forced to shut down everything to keep people indoors and to break the chain of the spreading of the virus.

April 1, 2020


Most of us are stuck at home witnessing devastation caused by the rapidly spreading corona pandemic. Now let’s take a look at the bigger picture and put ourselves ahead in time where the pandemic will end! At that time the economic stability is surely going to be a dominant issue on the international level.

March 21, 2020


"An idea is like a virus. Resilient, highly contagious. And even the smallest seed of an idea can grow. It can grow to define or destroy you."

All industrial and software giants started at some point and at some point, they were nothing but a small idea inside a person's head.

November 18, 2019

Product Vs Service Based Start-ups

One of the most onerous task while making life changing decisions for a budding entrepreneur is to choose a right firm where s/he can build their start-up and eventually grow into a business.
So to make right decisions and know the difference between the two start-ups, one should have a clear idea about both the firms.

Success mantra of Jack Ma
November 1, 2019

Net Neutrality

our thought process and seek inspiration from them. It’s always believed that inspiration is the key in molding oneself into an aspiring individual! We often have many inspirational idols to look forward to in terms of success and triumph.
A personality with similar character comes into our mind. A person who single handedly changed the entire economy of China – Jack Ma!

Success mantra of Jack Ma
September 16, 2019

Success mantra of Jack Ma

We all are social creatures constantly seeking for fantasy in real life to trigger our thought process and seek inspiration from them. It’s always believed that inspiration is the key in molding oneself into an aspiring individual! We often have many inspirational idols to look forward to in terms of success and triumph.
A personality with similar character comes into our mind. A person who single handedly changed the entire economy of China – Jack Ma!

Success mantra of Jack Ma
August 23, 2019

The Future of Currencies

Have you ever imagined arcade tokens or casino chips as a mode of payment for trading? Seems to be a child’s play but this is what people are now using to make transactions! In fact, this seems to be a more secure thing than banks.
Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin are the types virtual or digital money which takes the form of coin or token. These are what we call ‘cryptocurrencies’. Like any currency, cryptocurrencies can be used to buy goods and services. But unlike other currencies, cryptocurrencies are digital and it uses cryptography to provide secure online transactions.

The Future of Currencies
June 23, 2019

Trouble in paradise for Jio? - The Idea Vodafone Merger

With the introduction of Reliance Jio and its strategy, companies like Idea and Vodafone were in a great tension. Jio was using a strategy to hand out freebies to win over customers which was a competition caught by surprise, resulting in heavy losses for the establishment! Reliance Jio has already gathered 20% of revenue market share in just a matter of 2 years. That is when the merger of Vodafone and idea was when the initial idea came up. It was the need of the hour with Jio rapidly swallowing a major chunk of their customers!

Trouble in paradise for Jio? - The Idea Vodafone Merger
July 16, 2019

JIO-The beginning of a new Digital Era

Have you ever wondered a loss for a business could actually be of some benefit for it in the long run? Of course, from the outside, a loss might seem something extremely undesirable for any business. But this is where a seasoned entrepreneur might just see a huge opportunity! The consumer though, is unaware of the elaborate strategy behind these apparent losses which are onlythe stepping stones for huge profits.

JIO-The beginning of a new Digital Era
June 27, 2019

Augmented Reality

Ever wondered what technology is used when you are daily using snapchat filters ? Pretty sure it is intriguing to know what technology Pokemon Go has used which makes all its users roam on the streets and catch creatures which are not real but still can be seen ! What technique is used which is alternating our reality?

Augmented Reality
June 21, 2019

Disney-Fox Deal : Whatever it takes.

Most of us walk out of the movie theatres amazed seeing our favourite superheroes and actors do wonders on screen. We have an emotional connect with these fictional characters which stay with us throughout our lives. Franchises like The X-Men, Fantastic 4,Star Wars etc. have made big names not only among the fans but also in the box office. Have you ever thought of who owns these brands? Well like these movies there are big players who are at play behind the screen to provide with our the best entertainment.

Disney Fox Deal
April 19, 2019

Social Entrepreneurship

India has the world’s largest labour force of 516.3 million people, yet 1.2 million are living below the poverty line. Most of them even lack even the basic necessities like health, nutrition and education.

bootstrap funding or investment funding
April 3, 2019


If you go to think about the fastest growing app of this decade, having over a 100 million users from all the age group, I bet you won’t be able to even get close to guessing the right one. It is a name we’ve all have heard of but never taken seriously from a start-up point of view.

April 1, 2019


A business without funding is like the arteries and veins without the blood flowing through them. Funding is a power source on which a business runs. It has its own types and your businessʼs future is totally hinged on the type of funding you choose.

bootstrap funding or investment funding
December 23, 2018

Industrial Revolution

At the end of 18th century, first use of steam engine and intelligent use of hydropower (First Power Loom in 1784) revolutionized production as a beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

Industrial Revolution
November 24, 2018

Dollar Vs Rupee

In many ways, to just give an opinion on something is very easy but to back it up with sound facts is a task. A task not many are particularly skilled at. But we at EDC VIIT tend not to just throw away our opinions into the public. We make sure to explain facts and generate interest among our viewers.

One hot topic that almost everyone has an opinion about is “dollar vs. Rupee”. Every morning you read the conversion rates in the news while sipping hot tea. Every evening you discuss the depreciating value of the Indian Rupee, coincidentally again while sipping your evening tea. But most of these conversations are rather baseless at times and can’t really gauge the real situation. What exactly is the dynamic between dollar and rupee? How exactly is the rate governed? Most importantly, will the scenario $1=₹1 be a good one or a bad one? Read on and find out!

November 18, 2018

What It Takes To Talk To People

Whether you have to explain an idea, sell a product or profess some undeclared feelings, the skill of communication maximizes the probability of success in each of the former scenarios. And like every other skill, communication can be learned, improved upon and lead you to future success. Read on the review and get the insights of this book.

November 14, 2018

Future of WorkSpaces

Our World is leading into a different phase and we all are lucky enough to be a part of it. With this change, our work ethics, behaviour towards social beings and types of places to work is also shifting into another spectrum.

HR as liabilities
November 10, 2018

HR as Liabilities

Powerful new technologies are being adopted not only in manufacturing, clerical and retail work but also in more sophisticated professions such as law, financial services, education, and medicine. According to Forbes, technology has already taken over 90% of the jobs human used to do. Thus, as technology is destroying jobs faster than it is creating, an important question arises with this trend -If human resources are a liability to the organization? Or due to this developing technology, there could perspectives of newer jobs, making human resources as an asset? Read on the blog and get the insights of this discussion.

HR as liabilities
November 6, 2018

HR as an Asset

The past decade has seen a transition of start-ups from being product-based to service-based. The product based startup industry has now almost exhausted and the focus is now shifted to service-based start-ups. Consequently, there has been a rise in the demand for human resources. As, before there were more of product based startups, physical assets like plants, machinery, etc. were of utmost importance. In contrast, now as the shift has been towards service based, the knowledge and attitude of the employees have gained more importance. Human resources have truly proven to important for the company as it is solely responsible for the effective utilization of all the physical as well as financial resources. Better the quality of human resources of a company better would be its management and utilization of its resources. Hence, human resources contribute to the overall net worth of the company. Some companies fail to manage their human resources efficiently through conventional accounting methods which results in the new position called Human Resources Accounting.

HR as an Asset
October 22, 2018

Marketing Terms: - Red & Blue Ocean

While entering the market, an entrepreneur will always look for his sustainability in it. The sustainability of his business depends on various factors, for example, if his business plans to change the services they’re providing with change in demand of public with time.

RED vs BLUE Ocean
October 15, 2018

Why Process It When You Can Export: The E-waste Problem

Given two choices in life, one – the hard way but the right way. The other being the easy way but the wrong way, what would you choose? It's almost always the 2nd option for most people. But what if that wrong way is slowly coming to bite you? The second way is the one that will harm you the most.

3 Mistakes of Musk’s Life……
October 7, 2018

3 Mistakes of Musk’s Life……

Genius, billionaire, philanthropist, this man needs no introduction! He is the innovator supreme, but let's not forget that a successful person probably has a list of failures in their balance. what matters is the will to fight! Read on to find out what mistakes the great Elon Musk committed before becoming a success. After all, what matters is - "Enjoy the process"!

3 Mistakes of Musk’s Life……
September 23, 2018

Age of drones: Are you being watched?

Drones are state of the art technology. Numerous applications, numerous advantages. But are we safe? What if surveillance is slowly turning into snooping. Is privacy the price to pay for this technology? Read on to find out more.

September 18, 2018

Funding : An Entrepreneur's
Starter Cap

Thinking of starting up? But feel yourself to be short of funds? You know you need an investment. But what kind of investment exactly? These difficulties are faced by all, so here's your one click solution to these issues. Read on to learn more about this!

Dunding: An Entrepreneur's Starter Cap
September 11, 2018

Book My Show!

Try recalling the frustrating times you would have to stand in a queue just to get a movie ticket and ended up seeing it go houseful in front of your eyes. Who would have thought one could be booking tickets through their phones, just sitting at home? Well, gone are the days when we had to stand in queues for long hours just to book a ticket. Booking a ticket has been simplified to a whole different level. It is now just a few clicks away. All this is possible due to the ever-developing technology and the mastermind behind this concept, Ashish Hemranjini.

Book My Show
August 19,2018

Data Analysis: A necessity or a luxury?

The most vital part of any start-up process is data analysis. Leading edge start-ups in every sector are using analytics to replace guess work in their decision making. Let us find out if data analysis is a necessity or really, a luxury?

Data Analysis: A necessity or a luxury?
August 13, 2018

Angel Investors and Acquisitions

A and a

Ever wondered the difference between a takeover and an acquisition? Or finding it hard to differentiate between angel investors and venture capitalists? This blog will give you an insight about these terms.

July 29, 2018

Digital Industries

Digital Industries

The I sector, which mainly involves development of technology and digitisation not only provides a huge number of jobs, but also decides where a company stands in the world market. The more the technologically advanced country, the higher it is considered to be in the market, as it eventually attracts sharp minds and investors, leading to the overall development of the country. To know more about this sector and the scope in this area, read our next blog!

July 23, 2018

Lemon Tree! An Accidental Success?

Lemon Tree! An Accidental Success?

Lemon tree founded by Patanjali Keswani is said to be an accidental success. But was it really and accidental success or was it a result of a detailed study about India’s dynamic hospitality market? Continue to get an insight about this debatable topic!

July 16, 2018

25 vs. 52

 25 vs 52

A lot of questions will cross your mind when you decide to start-up. The most common one? What exactly is right time in a person’s life to enter the market? This is when many aspects like experience, contacts, decisiveness, energy and responsibility start playing their roles. Read on to find out what role your age plays when starting up!

July 11, 2018

Assets and liabilities

 Entrepreneur or

A lot of us hear these terms per diem whereas, how many of us have truly grasped the essence of assets and liabilities?
Read on to find out more about these terms with stimulating examples that form an integral part of the current market scenarios.

July 7, 2018


Why Start Now?

It’s kind of a general two-minded state people face when deciding whether or not to become an entrepreneur. It’s a risk, no doubt and the roadblocks offered are not too easy to handle.
What the journey ends up being is that a person with a brilliant idea never brings it to fruition, and with today’s rapid growth, somebody else surely picks it up, nurtures it and earn a fortune.

July 3, 2018


Emerging startup culture

Gone are the days, when one would find students decked up in suits holding pile of documents, preparing for interviews during college placements.
Call it a trend, fad or boom but that scenario seems to be overshadowed by the ones dressed up casually holding sleek laptops, working on their start-ups.

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