June 5, 2020

Entrepreneurs: The need of the Future


Entrepreneurs: The need of the Future

One of the most trending word today is "Entrepreneur". If asked whether one wants to be a job seeker or job creator, 99% of them reply without a pause- Job Creator! So now, the question is why is everyone aspiring to be an entrepreneur ?

Considering the current circumstances, being an entrepreneur is the need of the hour. As of now, there is a stop on the production and overall work in almost all of the companies. The revenue has suddenly paused and as a result, employees are fired in large numbers.

Let's neglect the pandemic as it is very rare and doesn't occur frequently. Imagine you are an employee in Reliance industries. Unfortunately, one day you die. So, how much time would the company take to replace you? A minute, an hour or maximum a day! Now, consider Mr. Mukesh Ambani, if he dies is there anyone who could fill out his space? No. Not even his own son. That's a difference between a job seeker and a job creator.

Now that we have created a line between the two, why should we choose an entrepreneur, a job creator? As you read the above paragraph, you have got the point of value and legacy. Another aspect is that you get to make your own decisions. We often see our father or even ourselves complaining about our cruel boss and how he always bombards tasks on us one after the other. In entrepreneurship, the scenario is different but on the contrary you have to work even harder here as your are the sole owner here.

In entrepreneurship, there is growth. Knowingly or unknowingly you're growing but in a 9-5 job, there is no fix statement that you will grow. Because there you blame others for your mistakes, but if you're are serious about entrepreneurship you don't blame anyone but yourself. And this whole thing cause growth and makes you more responsible and more disciplined. You learn to face challenges and take risks. You're perspective towards life and other world becomes so positive that you see opportunities in difficult times.

The best example is Lenskart. They know that customers cannot come to their stores due to lockdown, so they went to customers and introduced hoke delivery system. This has increased their sales exponentially. Along with it they completely focussed their marketing through digital platforms as many of the usage of digital media has increased tremendously this quarantine.

An entrepreneur and it’s company if successful, could be a boon for the society. It can raise that standard of living of the people in that area, can bring new job opportunities and hence help in increasing the GDP of our country. Sectors or Regions with high level of Entrepreneurialism shows high tendency in providing enormous outputs. Eventually, government can use the revenue earned by this in developing other sectors of the society.

Even during quarantine, entrepreneurs are developing their back-end of the business. Because as they say, "The crisis is the period where all the businesses stop and entrepreneurs, leaders sharp their axes." For this, OYO Rooms is the prime example. They are developing their customer experience, service and focusing on their future development.

And the last two aspects being the most crucial ones are research and networking. These two play a role of backbone in a business. Research is something which provides a concrete solid version of your idea. Whereas, networking connects you with people that will help your business grow. You will see that you learn from literally everyone you meet.

And not to forget, hard work and perseverance are by default included here. Without them, even a billion dollar idea is just a liability inside your mind.
Because many entrepreneurs say," Success is 1% Genius and 99% hard work." If you are willing to do all of these and are really excited after reading this, then you should consider entrepreneurship as your future.

It is always easier said than done. But being an entrepreneur is really a need in the current situation. So let's start a new journey and manifest the life of our dreams!!

And when we achieve it, we will say it to ourself.
" No rich parents. No parties. No looking back. No giving up. No connections. No nothing. Straight hustle. All day, Everyday!"

All the best for your hustle. Stay home, stay safe.

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