November 14, 2018

Future of WorkSpaces

Our World is leading into a different phase and we all are lucky enough to be a part of it. With this change, our work ethics, behaviour towards social beings and types of places to work is also shifting into another spectrum.

HR as an Liability

In mid 90s office workers would expect do their jobs in cubicles and corner offices. But this is not observed today. We prefer open offices. Nearly 58% of the world population are employees who work in an office. Hence the concern for their workspaces is of utmost importance.

Many employees strongly agree that the office appearance and work environment strongly influence "where" people decide to work.

Wouldn't we want a workspace to be as comforting and delightful as possible? Our interest in doing the job would also increase. All the "Monday Blues" memes would also vanish!

The majority of people value aesthetically pleasing workplace. Most of them want a dedicated desk, offices and meeting place. Some people also like flexibility to work in different locations (a change in environment it seems).

While some value a stimulated atmosphere for maximum comfort. Workers of all ages prefer an aesthetically pleasing workplace. For example a good quality chair, enough washrooms and space to conduct meetings. The workplace needs to be bright and should have enough coffee shops too! Some workers prefer nature's touch as well, like indoor plants and artificial waterfalls

Where is our future heading then regarding all of this? What will be the needs that future employees may demand?

An employee is literally working for 9-10 hours a day, he/she definitely deserves a comfortable place of his/her choice for work, so creating a particular workplace is going to play a vital role in future.

A concept of pets in offices has been implemented by some companies in Tech shop Crystal City. This has proved to be a good stress buster for almost 85% of the workers working there.

Workplace with the latest technology like augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence also proves to be soothing. We might see a complete boost in the" city" approach to workspaces as it comprises of more communal areas where they can congregate ,brainstorm and hold meetings. A stable pure and clear atmosphere will also play a vital role in determining workspaces as many people are tired of pollution already.

Co-living spaces shall continue to grow meaning working and living in the same place. This is a new style of communal living and working which offers an appealing balance. The future officers will surely try to create a happy and healthy workspace as it adds to the efficiency and productivity levels. Future office designs/trends will witness an even further increase of elements traditionally associated with our homes.

Our workplace determines optimum efficiency and productivity and hence is directly proportional to growth.

With cars driven automatically, drones reaching the sky, satellites sent afar, advancement of Nano particles and phones getting thinner and faster, work spaces will also be developed and revolutionised for a better GROWTH and for a better FUTURE!

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