June 27, 2019

Augmented Reality

Ever wondered what technology is used when you are daily using snapchat filters ? Pretty sure it is intriguing to know what technology Pokemon Go has used which makes all its users roam on the streets and catch creatures which are not real but still can be seen ! What technique is used which is alternating our reality?

Augmented Reality

AR , short for Augmented Reality has been one of the technology which is really putting a one step forward in todays market .

Augmented Reality is a technology that extends the user’s view of the real world with digital, virtual content. AR enhances, extends or teaches about the real world with in-context digital content. Hence AR will enhance your view and make you see things which you possibly couldn’t see.

People are looking forward to advanced technologies to establish their business/startup to gain maximum response from the market .Now one will surely have a question of how AR will help them grow in the market . There are a several ways AR has been put into use by the people and they have got a positive response from it. Let us now see how AR is being widely used in different fields becoming a trending technology.


Let’s face it, competition among retailers is fiercer than ever, and – understandably – retailers are very demanding with shopping malls when it comes to generating footfall . Also shopping malls are undoubtedly among the most convenient venues when it comes to brand activations.

The fashion heavyweight, American Apparel have created an app that uses AR technology to allow users to scan products whilst shopping and see reviews, alternative colours and extra information helping them to decide whether to buy or not to buy their products. Users can also watch videos of models wearing the clothing items and quickly send images of the products to friends for a second (or third) opinion. As there is ease of shopping and selection of clothes the customer reviews have also been always good . One of America’s leading retail clothing companies, foot traffic in Ontario, the store was up 30% from the start of the AR store window installation !

Not only clothing section but AR has got a huge response in furniture section as well . IKEA (ngvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd )which is a Swedish home furnishings retailer have also got in the AR action,creating an app that allows users to see how furniture items could look in their own living rooms. By placing true-to-scale, 3D images of furniture in their homes via their iPhone/android camera lens, allowing people to buy their desired furniture with confidence.


Marketing is a crucial factor for you start up or business . Effective marketing attracts a lot of customers and leads to tremendous progress .Marketing using AR is a very unique style off attracting customers and it is quite productive too .

Many major companies are turning to AR to advertise their products and services. For example, PEPSI installed AR technology throughout London bus shelters, which attracted 8+ million views on YouTube. A high-definition camera was positioned on the outside of the shelter, filming the street beyond to make the wall appear to be made of glass. Then surreal scenarios were projected onto the wall, surprising and delighting passers-by! AR initiatives always get you noticed !


Education always needs frequent upgradation . When AR came into the picture it surely did create a huge impact on the education sector .

Augmented reality can make lectures more interesting and informative. This would effectively extend the horizon of teaching beyond the text book and make teaching more dynamic. There are often complaints about plain teaching without demonstrations and AR surely has fixed this. The ability of augmented reality technology to render 3D models will help students get the 'feel' of what is being taught and grasp the concept quickly. Augmented reality can foster intellectual curiosity in students. With the help of augmented reality apps, books can be made more 'interactive' to provide students with supplemental facts and figures and make learning more fun !

AR in Entertainment-

AR is like a boon to the entertainment industry. AR is used in different malls as entertainment to the customers . national geographic “traveler” augmented reality is famous in Allee mall in hungary . BBC “frozen planet” AR is used in shorthills mall,woodfield mall and sunvalley mall in the US where the customers experience the polar regions being inside the mall.

Various zoos have also been creating using this technology! The toronto zoo in Canada and Philip island nature park in Australia have really gone to the next level in creating amazing and stunning creatures and surroundings using AR technology .

AR is widely used in Museums too to recreate the dinosaurs and ancient artifacts to give the viewers more depth to their visual sight. The "Jurassic Park" AR experience we produced exclusively for Universal Studios, Orlando with American Express – featuring some of the most realistic dinosaurs ever created for AR – got 20 million visitors up-close and personal with life-sized 3D dinosaurs in two years.

Apart from this AR is also a growing feature in the gaming industry where the children are getting engaged in a large quantity . The biggest game changer in this industry is obviously POKEMON GO which launched in 2016 which almost had 46 million daily users! Not only did it resurrect one of the most popular gaming franchises of all time, but it did so through an exciting and almost entirely new style of gameplay. After than the use of AR in different mobile apps and games never stopped and the popularity of AR went on increasing.

Augmented reality has transformed a wide range of industries . It can be used in almost every sector for you business/startup . The power of AR will be more stronger in future and almost all industries will use it. The augmented reality market is expected to grow up to a whopping $90 million by 2020. Experts claim that almost 50% of business revenue would be sourced directly from the sale of AR hardware.Various AR startups have already been established and are running in great form . Magic Leap is widely regarded as the most valuable augmented reality startup at a mammoth value of $4.5 billion. Also augment app is one of the latest apps developed using augmented reality as the prime technology .

The need for the society is full filled using this technology with complete satisfaction and contentment. it is really interesting to know what this technology will behold for our future . Lets just hope that we do not get carried away from the actual reality using augmented reality !

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