Jan 17, 2021

Post Covid Job Opportunities

The economic uncertainty of the pandemic has caused many workers to lose their jobs and exposed others for the first time to nonstandard work models. Many organizations responded to the pandemic's economic impact by reducing their contractor budgets, lesser in-house employees in addition to work from home implementation which has dynamically changed the working scenario.

Having lesser in-house employees meant layoffs, in turn, took a really serious toll on mental health. The multitude of the population began learning fresh skills to increase their equational quotient significantly highlighting the fact after the pandemic the companies would want to work with individuals equipped with massive skill sets. So, keeping pace with this challenge though education is turning out to be the new norm.

So, is it difficult and out of reach? Well, it is not, the pandemic is keeping us at the bay but also giving us a chance to gain new experience. Due to the Covid-19 people have learned to be independent and self-reliant, and hence along with job prospects would invest in a source of passive income to be financially stable, hence the start-up sector will see a sudden boom in the upcoming years.

As well since the government helping small-scale industries and businesses, there are a lot of schemes that can be utilized for the development of our start-up. India can lead to becoming a super-powerful country and for the same, it would be mainly focusing on these sectors for its development, economically as well as domestically.

The sectors such as Ed-Tech, Health & Wellness, Financial Working Tools, E-commerce & delivery-based system, OTT platforms, Gaming, Pharma, Life sciences, Managing Office Spaces, and Online Conferencing.

There are innumerable things that can be done on an individual level as there are still many jobs in demand and will be after the pandemic such, as cloud computing and data science. Since work is in a completely online mode, there is no quantifying how big it is. The number of jobs grown in these fields is exponential. The heavy consumption of data during a time when everyone was home has led to a big amount of extraction, processing, and analysis which must be optimally utilized. You must also make sure that you are an expert architect of the cloud, and people must know what skill will lead them to the right path.

Hence taking efforts on honing your skills is very important. You need to improve to sell yourself in normal times and you will see up and down but that is just one phase otherwise you are under the curve.

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