April 13, 2020


The technological advancements that mankind has made in the last decade has proven to be very expansive ! Some of those futuristic ideas we had are now part of our own reality. All these advancements are proving to be quite fruitful in the previous couple of months.


The World is trying to cope with the Pandemic, COVID-19. There are various health issues along with some vital economic issues . If the Government offices , MNCs and financial institutes completely stopped working, it will drastically affect our day to day life along with a steep economic downfall.

So how are we trying to stabilize and provide valuable services to our economy?

Work from Home!

It became a common phrase since the 1950s, it was referred to women and challenged people who worked from their homes. Assignments were assigned, deadlines were given and it was expected that the responsible person would drop off the work. This continued till the mid 1970s, as 'PC's came into the existence. Now everyone had a computer at their home which made working from home more facile . With the Digital Revolution, online business has taken off to a great height. Subsequently we have altered the work ethics upto a great extent since the last couple of decades.

Approximately 3 months ago while we experienced an "Panic-Epidemic", Pandemic as coined by WHO , our World has left with no choice and is consequently working from home! The pandemic is putting remote work to a gigantic test and at a totally unpredicted scale.Major changes have occurred in the Field of IT, Electricity, MNCs. Major companies like Oracle, Twitter , Apple and Nestle are restricting all non essential business travel . Google has encouraged its 119,000 North American employees to work from home. Many auto plants have shut down all over the globe because of the virus, including factories run by Tesla, Ford Motor and Nissan. According to Forbes, in 2000, only 3.7 million people were working from home which in a span of 10 years doubled, making it to 7 million people.

In 2018, 23.8% of world's population was working from home! But looking at the current situation almost 86% of world's population is working from home ! This major change in the working of the companies is going to unfold many of the statistics of different sectors in turn affecting the nation's economy!

Here a dominant question arises considering the field of IT companies, as they are the least affected line of work due to the pandemic . Are we ready to imbibe work from home even after the pandemic is over? Are we turning to an alternative phase change in the traditional working ethics?

Apparently answer would be yes. Each organization and MNC's would rather have different views in terms of employing people to work from home but it surely can be implemented and be helpful in acquiring larger profits! On a larger scale we can 'Work From Anywhere' without affecting where you are, avoid travel , have a job in another country and still be in your hometown ! The applications to this lifestyle would be endless to a far more efficient world!

With millions working at home right now there has been a spike in second-hand laptops and tablets. Alibaba- the Chinese company surged to the top of the Chinese App store charts. The video conferencing services also have significant spikes . This change in the dynamics of different sectors is very crucial when one works from home.

There are people in our country who earn on a daily basis. Their jobs are not fixed and their locations vary all the time. These people will be negatively affected by the "working from home" concept. Employing people becomes a huge task while considering work from home. As the employee must know the basic concepts of a computer and have a proper internet connection for most of the times. This will indirectly hamper the nations economy due to unemployment unless the government brings forth some valuable policies for such people.

For any startup the capital that is used for infrastructure, maintenance and transportation reduces and work efficiency will surely increase . Government policies are always encouraging Indian youngsters for startups as it directly affects our economy. It enables us to increase our country's employability and in turn increases our national income. Working from home doesn't have to mean keeping professional growth on hold. Use this time to strategically plan the next move for your development.

The environmental consequence that has occurred in such a short span of time cannot be measured. Working from home in the initial stages could prove to be quite a challenge . When there is a contagious illness spreading rapidly around the globe, staying away from crowded offices greatly reduces the likelihood of transmission. Till the pandemic comes under control, the benefits of remote work definitely outweigh the inconvenience caused. As long as this new methodology of working ethics is handled in the right way , your startup or organisation can be as productive as ever!

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