(YEAR 2020-2021)

Elecer Services Pvt. Ltd

Revolutionizing the way we commute,Elecer has the vision to create a cycling ecosystem and promote a healthy lifestyle and is currently in the market. The Startup has been recognized by EO GSEA Pune where it ranked amongst the top 8, similarly by IBS Magarpatta and others.



They are solving a problem of adulteration of milk and milk products by delivering fresh and healthy milk directly from farmers to customer's doorstep within few hours of milking. They prefer ecofriendly packaging for their products rather than plastic pouches, as direct contact of food with plastic can be harmful.



Coverezy aims to be a product based startup by providing easy to use, time saving vehicle covers using a self retracting mechanism currently in it's prototyping phase. The idea has been appreciated and validated by GSEA ranking in Top 10 Startups in Pune. Coverezy has also been a finalist in Eureka (Business Plan competition by IIT Bombay) and aims to enter the market real soon.

Invenzee Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Invenzee Technologies is a research based Startup, which is targeted in solving problem statements in different domains with innovative approach and IPR. Invenzee has International and National recognition and 4 Patents in different domains.


E-commerce website dedicated for Lord Ganesh’s idol which is operational in 5 cities (Aurangabad, Jalna, Amravati, Sangli and Akola). They supported 70+ artists and 750+ idols were delivered in the 5 cities.



It's all about bringing ease in the lives of patients and doctors by connecting them through an application-based platform and performing video consultation in less cost and more effectively.



Who doesn't love good hair, but the hair combs we use daily are difficult to clean. Uncleaned combs lead to hair problems! That's where Dekh-Baal comes in! Our innovative solution makes combs easy to clean and long lasting, all at an affordable price. Smartly designed hair combs with removable set of teeth, prevents hair and scalp problems.


We are a small, agile and dynamic team of young innovators who help ambitious entrepreneurs, start-ups and small & medium enterprises make it big online!


At Mentovate our prime motto is to provide a platform for young students to be in touch with professionals as mentors to them for the sake of problem solving and career counselling in the field of their common choice.


Skillcoup is a Freelancing Platform. Skillcoup is a place to explore and improve your skills. A place where you can monetize your work. We are open platform to the people who have expertise in or who want to get their work completed. Through our platform Clients get connected to the Freelancers.



A platform which would provide the streamers with licenses of songs (curated , composed) that they can use in their streams without fear of copyright strikes to improve the viewer experience while supporting the artist.