Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) was established to push students to the forefront of the outside world but also help raise their quality and worth in the industry. To give an understanding & hands-on experience of working of an organization & its various departments contributing to the organisation's overall success. To promote, sustain, practice and manifest the spirit of entrepreneurship among individuals by providing them a platform to convert their ideas into successful ventures.

Happy Faces after a successful event.

Our Vision

The entrepreneurship development cell is an amalgamation of technical expertise and business skills. We believe that entrepreneurship is the necessity in our country for the growth of its economy. The juvenile youth are the ones that would transform our traditional work ethics and modernize it for the welfare of the nation. We strive to create an ecosystem for entrepreneurship where students learn and develop together. We endeavour to create a platform for all the young minds of the nation to explore their potential and utilize all their learnings to the development of the society.

  • 2008


    Launch the first edition of Expressionism, Our Newsletter.

    AICTE Grant

    Received a handsome grant from AICTE, Govt of India for various innovative activities.

  • 2012


    Launch of the first edition of Expressionism, our newsletter.

  • 2013


    The debut of VISHWAPRENEUR, a National Level Entrepreneurial Convention wasaimed at providing a platform for learning and interaction of students with entrepreneurs.

  • 2014


    First B-Plan competition held with its grand prize pool.

  • 2015


    Participated in the Enactus National Competition 2015, a unique competition based on the theme of social entrepreneurship.

  • 2016

    International Guests

    VISHWAPRENEUR extended it’s reach globally by inviting Daniel Waples and Tausif Malik.

  • 2017


    Student Facilitation Centre an EDC start-up set a record distributng 70% of SFC kits.

  • 2018


    Visits to Ashrams multiple times, understanding social needs and problems and trying to find solutions.


    The cell incubates three innovative start-ups.

  • 2019


    4 New startups are currently working after sucessful b-plan competition.


    A new record was set as 800+ attendees participated.