July 05, 2020

New India - 2022

"New India", doesn't this sound familiar? The new trend going around the pandemic!

New India - 2022

Every term, a leader promises of ushering in a new base for every future reference, changing the socio-economic dynamics so that we can enter the future together. They're partially correct when they say, "We'll be inaugurating a NEW INDIA"! Firstly, there cannot be a NEW INDIA. India is going to stay 'India'; the people are going to change. When people living in a region grow socially, economically and intellectually, we can say that this is a brand new region. Otherwise, if you just focus on reinforcing and developing the physical aspects of a region, it's just called 'repairing'. For all the good things that repairing does, there's just one bad thing it wears- You'll have to repair it again!

So,the vision for INDIA in 2022 is, that every person who stays within the demarcated borders of India should be versed with reading and speaking in at least 2 languages(mother tongue and Hindi preferably); should know basic arithmetic operations and should be casting a vote as a result of which, we don't keep repeating our mistakes again and again!

India accounts for a meagre 2.4 percent of the world surface area yet it supports and sustains a mind-boggling 17.8 percent of the world population. It is now estimated that by 2027, India will most likely overtake China to become the most populous country on the earth with 1.47 billion people. So, in such a scenario, feeding India's billion plus population should be a concern. Food availability and access for food are two main factors to be considered when we talk about feeding India's expanding population. The growth in world food production is likely to be slower in the future than earlier decades due to inadequate per-capita income and poverty. India is also a part of the world!

Food production and reduction of food wastage should go hand in hand to address the concern of food security in India. At such times of pandemic the situation becomes more hectic in terms of country growth and its overall progress. The dynamics of streamlined jobs and services are changing at a fast pace. People are getting degrees and jobs but that isn't enough to call themselves skilled.

When we're done educating and feeding our population, it's time that we talk about politics. When a substantial amount of our people understand the importance of knowing what's happening around, we'll be peeking through the horizon with our belief that INDIA has totally become poshly new.

But, are we done yet?

No, we still have to talk about giving people a surplus by guarantying people their livelihood. This sounds a bit of a problem, now that 'technology' has given us wings to fly and we still have to worry about picking other people up so that we can fly together!

According to the publication of the Forbes, about 47% of jobs that fall into the “high risk” category, are the most vulnerably affected due to the phenomenon called “automation”.

Kai-Fu Lee, a pioneer in artificial intelligence, predicted that artificial intelligence will automate and potentially eliminate 40 percent of jobs within 15 years. So people with such advanced skills can surely start gaining roots in their country itself and adopt self employment. This won't only provide a good surplus to the concerned person but also to all those who have been given the job of.

What should we do to help other underprivileged people to overcome this?

The first thing that we should do is to not sit around teaching our youth and the existing practitioners the existing set of standard knowledge. We should update things quick and help these people to incorporate this streamlined knowledge.Reskill them, upskill them and I bet this is the type of India you've never seen. Also how do we accomplish this? We need to create world leaders, be it entrepreneurship, sports, education, politics or any other field.

In the process of doing all the above mentioned things; deep down we all want 'India' to be the BEST! We'll definitely accomplish that together! Stay hungry, stay foolish!

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