June 14, 2020

Boycott China- A delusion on Indian economy

There has been a clamour for Indians to boycott products from China, which is seen because of the unreasonable aggressor. So how did it all start. First a virus outbreak originating from China, China invading Ladakh borders, boosting its economy while many other countries fall prey for Economic Downfall. There has been outrage on social media and lots of other platforms.

Boycott China- A delusion on Indian economy

Weeks before this our Honourable Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modiji gave ‘Atma Nirbharta’ i.e. self- reliance, as the national mission. So, there are many questions that arise. Is India at a stage where it could completely ban Chinese products? Do we know what does Self - Reliant exactly mean? If not, now will we become self-reliant in future? Let’s answer them.

In step with research India may be a large marketplace for Chinese goods, accounting for 3% of China’s exports which added up to $75 billion in 2019. Here’s the thing, India’s $17 billion of exports to China account for a much higher 5.3% of our total exports. At this stage it's impossible for us to completely ban china or Chinese products. Xiaomi, a Chinese phone producing company owns 28% of the Indian Market. As you'll be able to see ironically we’re surrounded by Chinese laptops and phones which we use to spread the message ‘boycott China’. This kind of consumer boycott isn't something new to the globe. It's happened within the past and has failed again and again. Why? The answer is simple. Economics. We've got to understand that India is heavily captivated with China for imports. Now there's another question? Why is India heavily captivated with China for imports?

Well, China can produce goods at a less expensive rate and more efficiently than India can. In a very country like India where people tend to shop for the most affordable item, they do not care where the item has been produced if it’s cheap. The sole alternative thanks to completely boycott Chinese products nowadays is to provide alternatives reception, which is impractical. At present, if we try and make all the products that are being imported from China , the range of products which were available as a choice would diminish and that we will find ourself with goods whose quality is worse and the prices would be way higher.

So, now what can we do at this stage? one amongst the foremost important things we'd like to seem at is the interest of India and its people. We surely want higher income for optimum people and since the other substitute won’t suffice the requirements, it's better that we don't ban imports from china. Harming one's country's people to require revenge on another country isn't the motive here. So, how can we respond?

What can we do to become independent in future? Some say making our villages stronger by creating new job opportunities, providing better education and healthcare system, skill our people could help. Or The #VocalForLocal mission passed by Modiji, which encourages us to use the local products which are manufactured in India itself could make us independent. In the software sector we can stop using sharing application like Share It or Xender by using Jio Switch or Files By Google. Similarly we can use Adobe Scan instead of Cam Scanner to scan the documents. Similarly in the gaming industry gamers can play 'Call of Duty' instead of PUBG.

We all know that at some point it is impossible to completely ban China, due to many unavoidable reasons. But if we can’t ban China then at least we should start avoiding the products/apps which aren’t much important to us. “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

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