EDC, VIIT Entrepreneurship Development Cell – Vishwakarma Institute of Information Technology is a student organization. EDC-VIIT was formed in 2008 with the vision of “Achieving the perfect amalgamation of technical expertise, leadership and managerial skills to produce global citizens and pioneers on the path of Entrepreneurship”.Entrepreneurship, which signifies a spectrum of inherent qualities like innovation, courage, confidence, passion and enthusiasm; Development, which connotes hunger and curiosity of the members to learn and implement; Cell, which indicates that it is a colossal crowd. Since its inception, EDC-VIIT has achieved significant milestones under the chief mentoring of Prof. (Dr.) R. S. Acharya and support from Vishwakarma Management. ‘Success is a journey, not a destination’ has been the vital dictum behind all the activities of EDC. This received EDC, a handsome grant from AICTE, DELHI in 2011. In order to sharpen the skills of all the members and bridge the prevailing gap between college campus and corporate world, a wide array of initiatives are undertaken by EDC which include, training sessions, interactive sessions, industrial visits, case studies, and novel internal activities. EDC also publishes its own newsletter ‘Expressionism’. EDC is an effort to make leaders in world economy and lead India to global supremacy . EDC now has the primary objective of educating its members about the legalities and economics of how to start their ventures through discussions, references and personal experiences of successful entrepreneurs. The success of EDC is evident as there are over 300 brilliant minds in the cell and these students who have enrolled as members already, have started moving towards their visions and goals. We, in EDC believe that quality matters over quantity and so is our aim, that we produce quality entrepreneurs who for once break the myth that engineers cannot be leaders.